Modern Office Sound Masking

Reduced Distractions = Increased Productivity

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AtlasIED is a technology company that can assist an organization’s ability to obtain and retain new talent and create efficiency in workplace processes by reducing distractions with modern office acoustics.

Modern Workplace Distractions

Modern Office Sound Masking
80% report chatty coworkers as the number one workplace distraction
Modern Office Sound Masking
54% don’t perform as well when distracted
Modern Office Sound Masking
70% report office noise as the second workplace disturbance

AtlasIED offers various technologies used to reduce distractions, optimize productivity, protect people, and improve the acoustic environment in modern office spaces to increase productivity.

How Sound Masking Works

Solutions For Modern Workplaces

Open office designs make people more visible and accessible, encourages interaction, and increases employee capacity. Businesses often use open offices to offset the increasing costs of corporate real estate, but the open environments can amplify unwanted distractions and doesn’t provide privacy for confidential conversations. A sound masking system can provide coverage for an entire space to reduce the distraction radius of ambient noises and the intelligibility of conversations.

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Huddle and Conference rooms have walls and doors to provide privacy for confidential meetings, but conversations within these rooms can often be heard outside the walls. A sound masking system installed in areas that surround these rooms adds an additional element of speech privacy ensuring confidential conversations are protected. A comprehensive paging system will ensure that appropriate notifications are distributed to all office spaces, including conference rooms, when necessary.

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Co-working spaces generally consist of people who do not work for the same company. They typically work in an open office, or closed offices, and share public spaces and resources. Limiting distractions and protecting private conversations can be especially challenging when all employees may not have the same schedule or objective. A sound masking, paging and background music system can cover all spaces to reduce distractions, protect speech privacy, and ensure all communications are distributed clearly and reliably.

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Clinical and Healthcare offices typically have many small rooms for patient privacy, but keeping private conversations from being overheard outside the room with constant foot traffic in the hallways can be challenging. A sound masking system may be used to assist in HIPAA compliance by masking sound in the hallway so conversations taking place in the patient rooms are not intelligible.

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Brookfield Place Case Study

Modern Office Sound Masking

Brookfield Place’s claim to fame may be that of Calgary’s tallest building. But it’s also a monumental showcase of advanced sound masking technology, with 40 of the 56 floors outfitted with speech privacy solutions for a large variety of new offices, boardrooms, and meeting spaces of five vastly different clients. 

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Let Us Design It For You

AtlasIED has a range of technologies which are specifically designed for modern office acoustics to fit your unique office space requirements. Whether you need better business music & paging, emergency communications, or sound masking, each system should be crafted for the layout and characteristics of the environment. To get an idea of how these systems are designed, and for additional design assistance, please use the System Calculator below. If you have further questions you can refer to our FAQ page.

System Calculator

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